About Us

Who we are

AnalyticQuest is an analytics solution provider specializing in information extraction and predictive analytics to transform data into applied knowledge. We provide business intelligence & predictive modeling to our clients using advanced computing, mathematical and statistical methods. Our data driven technologies help clients to discover and measure the multifarious factors affecting their businesses enabling them to take better decisions, eventually leading to profitability, efficiency, cost advantage or revenue.

Evolving Enterprise Intelligence

What we do

We have the expertise to analyze large, noisy datasets and arrive at meaningful patterns of domain interest. Our data driven technologies help clients to Explore, Discover & Quantify the factors critical to business. We use computing algorithms and mathematical theories to scientifically analyze and build predictive models to uncover the intrinsic relationships, quantify the interactions and predict future outcomes. We actively collaborate with our partnering clients to understand their business domain, problem areas and gather relevant data from all available sources for analysis. Our services also spans to software development, business automation, data management and data collection.

Data to decision: Bridging the knowledge gap

What we offer

At AnalyticQuest, we firmly believe that solutions should be pragmatic and at the same time can be cost effective. Our unique methodology is designed to provide our clients with a transformational value proposition and help them not only achieve profitable results but gain a strategic advantage in the long run. Our principal focus is to provide customized business services catering to diverse industries using analytics expertise and structured business processes.

Providing Actionable Insights

How we do it

AnalyticQuest’s unique Quantification approach is the core of its analytic process. It is based on a simple philosophy of Quantification (measurement) at every step we undertake. We strongly believe that every aspect impacting business needs to be measured accurately and anything which cannot be measured cannot be valued or improved.

AnalyticQuest combines the above philosophy with CRISP-DM methodology for all its analytic projects. CRISP-DM is a leading industry free & tools free standard methodology for data mining and predictive analytics. This is a proven data mining process model for predictive modeling in analytic areas like CRM, Financial Services, Sale & Marketing, Risk, Fraud etc.